Those eyes


Syrian kid doodle#746

Those eyes, they tell me how bad the world is..
Those eyes, they tell me how badly he wanted to see butterflies and balloons but not the missiles and bombs..
Those eyes, they tell me how badly he wanted to hear the songs of birds but not the siren of ambulance..
Those eyes, they made me realize where we all are now..

Those innocent eyes just made me cry..
In this heartless world, I feel ashamed to say that I’m human and I’m sad that I can’t do anything about it but doodle..  : (

#Syria #humanity #Omran


I badly need my childhood back :(

childhood days

Vishnuz art

While i’m doodling this, a lot of things were going around on my mind. I dont have any good childhood memories, but still i love those days where i dont care about anythng but cartoons and icecreams. The days where i dont want to comb my hair, days where i dont  wear any new brand shirts but just a smile,  the days where i believed everyone in this world are happy. Now I feel sad and happy at the same time ):). I feel sad that those days never come back and i feel happy that i’m still living in it. Have a Good Day !