An Appointment !

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It was 2 o’ clock at the noon when I reached the hospital. Actually, my doctor wanted me to meet him. I should say, he had fixed an appointment with me. When I went to the doctor’s room ( he is my family friend, he had given me the freedom to enter his room without knocking ) he introduced me to a girl ! I still remember her face. She was young and was smiling at me. A bit tired face, still her eyes were so powerful and attractive that any guy could fall for her. She gave me a hand shake. It was so firm! I should say one of the best handshake I ever got. Suddenly, a call came for the doctor and he went off, yeah he was so busy, he is the finest doctor in that locality. So, me and she were all alone in that room. It was so awkward that when we don’t have anything to talk, but to smile at each other. She gave me a smile ! I should say a “divine smile”. At that time, i thought she was from some Buddhist monastery. She was so peaceful, that i really felt some positive energy from her.

Slowly, i’ m getting comfortable with her. So i felt like to share my problems with her. Yeah ! I know its weird to share the problems with the one we just met. But i did ! I was undergoing depression for quite a long time. I have some family issues, i shared each and everything with her in that limited time. And i really felt so good. And, she was consoling me, for an hour, literally. I felt like she knows me for years ! Suddenly the doctor came to the room and was saying about his busy routines and stuffs, then she was receiving some files and reports from him. So i was confirmed that she must be a research student ( there were a bunch of medical students waiting outside the room to submit their reports on their projects ) And then she was about to leave. She was so nice to me that, she was motivating  me with her great words  even in the last secs before she leave.

Then its just me and doctor in that room. I was so curious to know about her, so I asked him about the girl. I’m so shocked to hear from him, that she’s a cancer patient undergoing final stage. Her body stopped responding to the medication now and the strange thing is that she knew all about this ! I felt so numb at that time!  And then he told me about her family background. She was born and brought up in an orphanage. Her mother died and she doesn’t even know where her father is. She faced a lot of bitter experiences in her life. It was so hard to believe  that she have this kind of story. She was that much graceful ! I was thinking about me and what i am in front of her !. Just before, she was consoling me. She was making me feel so good like she have a good and peaceful life.

I didn’t felt sad or sorry for her. I felt so proud that i met such a wonderful personality. Now she is beautiful in all means ! She made me realized who i am. I was nothing but a complaint box. That day just changed my life, my attitude towards life. I don’t know whether i am going to meet her or not, in future. I just want to thank that unknown girl, whom i’ m going to remember till my death.

And  when the doctor was about to leave, he smiled at me and said “ the appointment, it’s over. You can leave now.. ”


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