My first so called Animation Movie :P ‘Hope’ this 2 minute clip will make your day !

Hi guys, just pause the scrolling for a min. I want to show you something, in fact, i want to say something about a 4 letter word !  ” HOPE ” . The word that make your life more meaningful. Like someone said, an athlete cannot run with the money in his pocket, he must run with HOPE in his heart and dreams in his head.
A 5 yr old kid crying for a toy car.. HOPING that his dad will buy it 4 him.
A guy looking at his crush.. HOPING that she will look at him and smile.
A thief who rob the bank..HOPING that he wont get caught by the police .
A poor guy  HOPING… that he will become rich some day and a rich one HOPING.. that he will become richer and yeah the list goes on.
I would like to dedicate this so called movie 😛 which i made in flash, to the people who are having tough time in their LIFE.  All i want to say is that, never stop believing in HOPE because every second is a chance to turn your life around. TRUST me guys, things will never be the same always. Give it some TIME, the things you want from your HEART will reach you, no matter what happens.
Yeah that’s it. Thanks for reading. 🙂 I HOPE you like this video
Feel free to comment, if you really like it..
Happy day to all..:)
SPECIAL MENTION : ‘A ‘special friend ‘ who inspired me to do this movie.


66 thoughts on “My first so called Animation Movie :P ‘Hope’ this 2 minute clip will make your day !

  1. Andreea Gutu says:

    Wonderful movie and wonderful message! Thank you, Vishnu, you really filled my heart with joy and hope today! May Saint Anthony the Great, whose day it is today in our orthodox tradition, bles you with meaningful and happy creative days!

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  2. You are a very talented young man. I truly enjoyed your uplifting animation and will definitely see more. You are not only quite gifted but I have no doubt that you will share your gifts with more people than you ever imagined and inspire them in the process. Your doodles give me hope for the future. 😉 B Blessed!

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