He is hungry ! Kill him

Name : Madhu
Place :Attapady, India
Crime he did : Stealing food

Got killed by a mob !

Yes ! I’m living in a civilised society. #Kerala #God’s own country





Those eyes


Syrian kid doodle#746

Those eyes, they tell me how bad the world is..
Those eyes, they tell me how badly he wanted to see butterflies and balloons but not the missiles and bombs..
Those eyes, they tell me how badly he wanted to hear the songs of birds but not the siren of ambulance..
Those eyes, they made me realize where we all are now..

Those innocent eyes just made me cry..
In this heartless world, I feel ashamed to say that I’m human and I’m sad that I can’t do anything about it but doodle..  : (

#Syria #humanity #Omran


Doodle #555

let me fly


Let me fly
” I wish i could fly so high into this beautiful sky
But something is pulling me back
I’ m scared
I’ m scared that i may fall down
I can hear that echoes saying i’ m not good enough to fly
I hate this feeling, the feeling of fear
This fear of failure is killing me inside
But no, not any more
I said fuck off to those echoes
I said fuck off to this feeling ”
then, i just flew away,
just like that


Be kind, Be awesome



Doodle # 362

Did you ever tried to buy dinner for a homeless man ? Yeah i know, we all are busy with our own life, but don’t you think that, they deserve a better life ? In life, to realize the true value of happiness, you got to do something like that ! Be kind, Be awesome ! Happy day to all..


My first so called Animation Movie :P ‘Hope’ this 2 minute clip will make your day !

Hi guys, just pause the scrolling for a min. I want to show you something, in fact, i want to say something about a 4 letter word !  ” HOPE ” . The word that make your life more meaningful. Like someone said, an athlete cannot run with the money in his pocket, he must run with HOPE in his heart and dreams in his head.
A 5 yr old kid crying for a toy car.. HOPING that his dad will buy it 4 him.
A guy looking at his crush.. HOPING that she will look at him and smile.
A thief who rob the bank..HOPING that he wont get caught by the police .
A poor guy  HOPING… that he will become rich some day and a rich one HOPING.. that he will become richer and yeah the list goes on.
I would like to dedicate this so called movie 😛 which i made in flash, to the people who are having tough time in their LIFE.  All i want to say is that, never stop believing in HOPE because every second is a chance to turn your life around. TRUST me guys, things will never be the same always. Give it some TIME, the things you want from your HEART will reach you, no matter what happens.
Yeah that’s it. Thanks for reading. 🙂 I HOPE you like this video
Feel free to comment, if you really like it..
Happy day to all..:)
SPECIAL MENTION : ‘A ‘special friend ‘ who inspired me to do this movie.

A letter to terrorist

a letter to terrorist

Vishnuz art

Dear terrorist,

I dont know who you are ! My teacher was saying that you are a terrorist. I don’t even know what a terrorist is ! She was crying, she was telling me and my friends to hide under the bench. I was so scared because i have never seen my teacher crying before. I heard a gun shot and my friends were all screaming. When i opened my eyes, i saw you pointing gun on my head. I didn’t do anything wrong to you nor to your family. I never  had enemies and i was all surrounded with people who loves me. I tried to close my  eyes because my mom used to tell me whenever u r scared just close the eyes, and think about what u love most in this world. I was thinking about my mom’s smiling face who’ll be waiting for me, near that school gate. I was her dream, her love, her life. Why you did this to me and to my friends ? For my tatoo stickers? Or for my choclate bars, that i always hide inside my bag? I was willing to give that if you want. Now, i don’t exist.I cant see my mom, I know she must be waiting near that school gate. She must be crying now. I’m sorry mom. I don’t exist anymore..


I badly need my childhood back :(

childhood days

Vishnuz art

While i’m doodling this, a lot of things were going around on my mind. I dont have any good childhood memories, but still i love those days where i dont care about anythng but cartoons and icecreams. The days where i dont want to comb my hair, days where i dont  wear any new brand shirts but just a smile,  the days where i believed everyone in this world are happy. Now I feel sad and happy at the same time ):). I feel sad that those days never come back and i feel happy that i’m still living in it. Have a Good Day !

Its Sunday Morning !

sunday morning

Vishnuz art

Its 10 am! and early morning
Feels so happy, its sunday  morning
Thoughts of Life is messing me up
But its too early to get fucked up
I see my phone, miles away 
And my thoughts are getting far away
Naah! i ain’t gonna move an inch from my bed
Seems like it loves me like no one ever did
At least it wont break my heart like she did
My mood swings while my time piece ticks
And while i look into that ceiling fan
I just  found my childhood back